sam® Sport enters into contract with One Call Care Management (OCCM)

Discover sam® Sport, the FDA-approved, drug-free wearable pain therapy system that provides therapeutic ultrasonic waves to accelerate natural healing.

sam® Sport enters into a contract with One Call Care Management (OCCM) to expand its unique medical device for Workmen’s Compensations claims.  One Call Care Management is the largest Third Party Administrator for processing Workman’s Comp claims in the United States and is now helping to stream-line for process for patients to get the sam® Sport device to accelerate their recovery, reduce pain (without Prescription Pain Medication) and return to work faster.

sam Sport, the only FDA cleared active-wearable Ultrasound for multi-hour treatment to accelerate healing and the reduction of pain for musculoskeletal injuries will be exhibiting at the WIC 2016 conference in Orlando. FL; August 22nd – 24th.

sam® Sport is now covered by most insurance carriers for Workman’s Comp claims; accelerating the injury recovery and reducing/eliminating the need for Prescription Pain Medication.  The United States has a serious issue for Opioid-based pain medication addiction and sam® Sport offers a solution to accelerate healing and reduce pain without the use of Prescription Pain Medication.

The sam® Sport can be used as an adjunct therapy with PT and Rehab centers for use at home or at work to provide a wearable multi-hour treatment modality.

Typical injuries sam Sport is used to accelerate healing and reduce pain include:

  • Chronic Tendinitis: Elbow, Bicep, Triceps, Quads and Patella
  • Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries, Tendinitus and Inflammation
  • Chronic Back Pain/Spasms: Lower Back, Trapezius and Sciatic Pain
  • Knee: Meniscus Tear, OA, MCL Sprain/Tear
  • Hamstring Tear or Strain
  • Ankle Sprains & Frayed Achilles/Post Achilles Surgery Recovery
  • Groin Pull or Strain
  • Post-op Hip Labrum Tear Recovery
  • Plantar Fasciitis

sam Sport and our 15th Pro Football Team

sam Sport is pleased to announce it has picked-up its’ 15th Professional Football Team who has adopted sam Sport ( ).  The only FDA Cleared wearable Ultrasound for active multi-hour treatment; used on injured players or post-op recovery to accelerate the natural healing cascade and reduce pain by accelerating Collagen Lay-down, increased Oxygenated Hemoglobin in Muscles, accelerated Capillary Development and increased Blood-circulation.

Professional athletes are wearing the only FDA cleared ultrasound for multi-hour treatment during Physical Therapy/Work-outs, Warm-up and Post Practice or Game recovery.

Typical injuries sam Sport is used to accelerate healing and reduce pain include:

  • Chronic Tendinitis: Elbow, Bicep, Triceps, Quads and Patella
  • Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries and Inflammation
  • Chronic Back Pain: Lower Back and Trapezius
  • Knee: Meniscus Tear, OA, MCL Sprain/Tear
  • Hamstring Tear or Strain
  • Ankle Sprains & Frayed Achilles/Post Achilles Surgery Recovery
  • Groin Pull or Strain
  • Post-op Hip Labrum Tear Recovery
  • Plantar Fasciitis

National Sports Medicine Experts Discuss sam® Sport as a Non-Surgical Soft-Tissue Treatment for Athletes

National Sports Medicine Experts Discuss sam® Sport as a Non-Surgical Soft-Tissue Treatment for Athletes

 “The most impressive results have been in our training room” Dr. Moorman, Duke

sam® Sport is the only wearable active ultrasound therapy device cleared by the U.S. FDA for daily multi-hour treatment. The device is worn by the injured athlete during normal physiotherapy and recovery periods to accelerate the natural healing cascade and reduce pain by activating Collagen Lay-down, increased Oxygenated Hemoglobin in Muscles, stimulate Angiogenesis and increased Blood-circulationɫ.

sam® Sport Placement for Active Ultrasound Therapy The full sam® Sport placement list is available at

Over the last decade, multi-hour sam® Sport therapy has been extensively studied in the laboratory and clinical research settings with research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) and the Center for the Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology(CIMIT).ɫ sam® Sport is covered by insurance for professional and collegiate athletes, and for a large portion of worker’s compensation and no-fault insurance claims and carriers. As clinical research and insurance coverage for sam® Sport continues to expanded, a panel of Sports Medicine experts from across the United States convened in St. Louise, Missouri at the National Athletics Trainers Annual Convention to discuss clinical uses of sam® Sport on treating soft tissue injuries and best practices in utilizing the wearable non-invasive therapy.

Sports Medicine Experts:

  • David Draper, EdD, ATC, FNATA, Professor of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, Brigham Young University
  • Thomas Best, MD, PhD, Professor and Pomerene Chair of Family Medicine, Ohio State University
  • Claude T. Moorman, MD, Professor and Executive Director of the Duke Sports Sciences Institute, Duke University
  • Justin Rigby, PhD, ATC, Professor of Athletic Training and Nutrition, Weber State University
  • Karen Bloch DC, MS, ATC, CSCS, Private Practice and Member of the United States Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Staff


Distinct advantages over traditional ultrasoundDr. Draper, Brigham YoungThe panel discussion focused on the types and severity of injuries that could be effectively treated with sam® Sport, and use of the device as a treatment approach as well as a prophylactic therapy. The group unanimously agreed that based on the clinical evidence and their own real-world experience sam® Sport is an effective treatment for tendon injuries such as tendonitis and tendinosis. The value of the device for the patient and physician comes from several differentiating features of the product including that it is both a non-pharmacologic and a non-surgical treatment option, and that it is a convenient therapy that can serve as a stand-alone treatment or be used as an adjunct to other treatment approaches for the patient to stimulate soft-tissue repair. According to Dr. Thomas Best of the Ohio State University “There is no current gold-standard treatment for chronic and overuse tendon injuries, yet they are very prevalent” and “sam® Sport could fill this treatment gap for us”. Dr. Claude T. Moorman of Duke University remarked on the low-risk and cost-effectiveness of sam® Sport, “Traditionally, a patient has to fail nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory injections and physical therapy to ever get approved for surgical treatment.” A medical device like sam® Sport that effectively treats pain and accelerates recovery of injured tissues early in the care pathway saves both patients and providers from needless frustration and more efficiently arrive at improved outcomes for the patient.

Dr. David Draper of Brigham Young University, stated that there are a “myriad of therapeutic uses on soft-tissue injuries for sam® Sport” and “The number one reason people come to see us is the pain – sam® Sport can help alleviate that pain allowing the patient to do more work.” He went on to say “sam® Sport can be a medical tool in the athletic trainers’ and physical therapists’ treatment regimen with distinct advantages over traditional ultrasound:

  1. It can be applied and worn anywhere.
  2. sam® Sport is easy to use typically taking less than 5 minutes to administer.
  3. The device is portable—you can take it with you.
  4. sam® Sport is applied for a long period of time (from 1 to 4 hours) that delivers more energy to the tissues than a typical 5 to 10-minute traditional ultrasound treatment.

In addition to tendon injuries, the panel universally expressed support for the use of sam® Sport in the treatment of muscle injuries and strains. Dr. Moorman remarked, “The most impressive results have been in our training room with hamstring injuries.” The panel further agreed that sam® Sport could be effectively utilized as both a therapeutic and a prophylactic therapy preventing injury.

“Think about the biology of how sam® Sport works.” Dr. Best, Ohio State

Dr. Best from Ohio State University stated
“Think about the biology of how sam® Sport works. It would make sense to me that you would use it more when you are doing a treatment whether it is eccentrics for an Achilles or a patellar tendinopathy, and you’re hoping to increase blood flow and transfer of nutrients and growth factors that would promote tissue healing.”  Dr. Rigby agreed with this treatment approach stating “sam® Sport would probably work either before or during activity, however during activity it would be much more effective than putting it on passively afterwards.”




Mechanisms of Action: More information about the sam® Sport mechanisms of action above are available at the company website here

A similar approach to pre-treatment or treatment during activity can be applied to sports as well as work-related injuries. Dr. Draper explained why sam® Sport is being integrated into collegiate athletics, “We can send the athlete out of the locker room with a device and instruct them to use it for several hours right before practice, before they come in to get taped.”

In summary, the panel of sports medicine experts who have deep knowledge and first-hand experience with the sam® Sport, expressed great enthusiasm for the clinical use of the device for the treatment of tendon and muscle injuries, as well as in the prophylactic use in work- and sports-related overuse injuries.  The experts agreed on the significant value of sam® Sport to the healthcare system from the non-pharmacologic and non-invasive device.

Reference Documentsɫ

  • Intramuscular Heating Effect Produced by Long Duration Continuous Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (LITUS). Journal of Athletic Training. 2015.
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sam Sport now approved for ML Soccer Teams

sam Sport is pleased to announce that it is now approved by insurance carriers for injured players in the Major League Soccer Teams (22-Men’s and 8-Women’s Teams).

sam Sport ( is the only FDA cleared wearable Ultrasound for multi-hour treatment  to accelerate recovery of musculoskeletal injuries; clinically proven to accelerate Collagen Lay-down, increase Oxygenated Hemoglobin in the Muscles and accelerated Angiogenesis-effect for increased capillary development.

Typical injuries used in the MLS to accelerate healing and reduce pain include:

  • Chronic Tendinitis: Elbow, Bicep, Triceps, Quads and Patella
  • Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries and Inflammation
  • Chronic Back Pain: Lower Back and Trapezius
  • Knee: Meniscus Tear, OA, MCL Sprain/Tear
  • Hamstring Tear
  • Ankle Sprains & Frayed Achilles/Post Achilles Surgery Recovery
  • Plantar Fasciitis

12th Professional Football Team for sam Sport

sam Sport is pleased to announce it has picked-up its’ 12th Professional Football Team who has adopted sam Sport to be used on injured players or post-op recovery to accelerate the natural healing cascade and reduce pain by accelerating Collagen Lay-down, increased Oxygenated Hemoglobin in Muscles, accelerated Angiogenesis-effect and increased Blood-circulation.

Professional athletes are wearing the only FDA cleared wearable ultrasound for multi-hour treatment during Physical Therapy/Work-outs, Warm-up and Post Practice/Game recovery.

New treatment protocols have been posted on-line under the Instructional Video section ( for MCL Strain, Patella Tendinitis/Pain, Meniscus Tear and Frayed Achilles injuries.

ZetrOZ Innovative Technology for Pain Management and Accelerated Recovery

ZetrOZ has an instinctual focus on innovation. However, ZetrOZ aims to be more than innovative; it has its sights set on being revolutionary. To make that possible, the young company harnesses its miniaturized ultrasonic technology, a game-breaker in terms of ultrasound efficiency, applications, and, perhaps most importantly, availability.

Though ultrasound is a very versatile, matured, and somewhat underutilized technology, which invisibly impacts many aspects of our lives, ZetrOZ has chosen the medical community to first make its mark.

Read: World’s First Multi-Hour Wearable Device for Pain Relief Unveiled

The development of its first medical product, a pocket-sized ultrasonic diathermy device called “sam” (short for Sustained Acoustic Medicine), is not what many would think of as a medical device: small, not bulky; wearable, not implantable; affordable, not extravagant.

It’s so different that when it was cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, they decided to put sam in its own category: the first long-duration, wearable, ultrasound device. With the clinical data to support sam’s claims on pain therapy, ZetrOZ envisions their product as an affordable alternative to treatment center visits, drugs for pain, and devices that mask pain without spurring recovery.

ZetrOZ’s sam has revolutionized the medical field in multiple ways. To effectively generate the energy needed to provide treatment to body, therapeutic ultrasound devices tended to consume large amounts of power, necessitating sizeable battery capacity. This is different for wearable diagnostic ultrasound devices, which are abundant and demand less power to generate low level ultrasound signals.

However, “Oz Inside,” the name of ZetrOZ’s patented technology, miniaturizes the electrical components and increases the conversion efficiency of electrical energy to acoustic energy. The increased efficiency enables longer treatment times while lowering the required battery capacity. As a result, the size constraints of therapeutic devices have been reduced, making possible a wearable therapeutic device. Thus, the field of Sustained Acoustic Medicine, or sam, was born.

The challenge now facing sam and ZetrOZ is that the adoption of innovative technologies requires the lengthy process of educating practitioners about the benefits of long duration ultrasound therapy. To quickly demonstrate the effectiveness of this new therapy, ZetrOZ first entered the veterinary market, to where their first product, UltrOZ, was launched in 2011.

UltrOZ was marketed to elite equine athletes that trained for equestrian competition. The product has been so successful in helping horses recover that two members of the 2012 US Olympic Equestrian team used UltrOZ on a regular basis. Furthermore, UltrOZ was named a Finalist in the 2013 MDEM Medical Device Excellence Awards and was the only veterinary device among the three finalists. Because the placebo effect is largely absent in animal data, the promising veterinary results were useful for ZetrOZ and encouraged ZetrOZ to develop sam, the first wearable, long duration therapeutic ultrasound device for humans.

The success of ZetrOZ’s current product may revolutionize the application of therapeutic ultrasound. ZetrOZ looks to improve its fundamental designs by incorporating user feedback and forming new features, such as a novel ultrasound gel that improves the transmission of ultrasound while maintaining shape integrity to minimize treatment cleanup.  ZetrOZ is expanding its technology and therapeutic portfolio as well, working towards the development of specific ultrasound therapies targeted towards osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, and disc-related back pain.

ZetrOZ couples innovative device miniaturization with original ideas for how ultrasound can improve healthcare outcomes. A prescription based device, sam offers great pain treatment benefits to physicians welcoming enough to adopt the new technology. ZetrOZ is developing momentum with their ever increasing pile of positive evidence and support.

Collaborations with agencies including NASA, the NIH, and the Department of Defense prove that sam is not only small, but also serious. ZetrOZ believes it has built not just a medical device, but an inevitable household product.


sam Visits Local Bridgeport Bluefish

The ZetrOZ team visited the Bridgeport Bluefish recently to help players speed up their recovery from injuries like tendonitis and muscle strains by using sam’s ultrasound therapy. Bluefish athletic trainer Ericka Ventura provided sam to four players suffering from injuries and the device was instrumental in helping the athletes recover quickly and get back in the game!

Tim Gustafson, Bluefish pitcher, had tendonitis in his pitching shoulder. He wore sam for two weeks and found that his shoulder felt looser and he had greater range of motion. Sean Burroughs, third baseman, wore sam on his throwing shoulder and noticed reduced pain from his tendon injury while J. R. Towles, catcher, used sam on his hamstring and groin muscles and experienced a speedy recovery. Emiliano Fruto, pitcher, wore sam on his shoulder and noticed he could throw more pain-free pitches in more innings . Even the Bluefish mascot BB felt better after wearing sam!

We’re thrilled sam provided relief to the hometown team and look forward to a healthy 2015 season. Go Bluefish!

Bridgeport Bluefish mascot, BB, wearing sam

Sean Burroughs

J.R. Towles

3 Bluefish players who participated in the tendon healing study (2-4 weeks with S applied 4x/week) (L-R):Sean Burroughs, 3rd baseman; Emiliano Fruto, pitcher; J.R. Towles, catcher

Emiliano Fruto

Bluefish Athletic trainer, Ericka Ventura, applying sam to J.R. Towles

Clinical Study to Treat Lower Back Pain On Earth May Help Astronauts in Space

HOUSTON, Aug. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — ZetrOZ, Inc. has been funded by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) for a clinical study to test the Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) device in patients suffering from lower back pain. ZetrOZ, Inc., of Trumbull, CT will receive a Space Medical and Related Technologies Commercialization Program (SMARTCAP) grant. SMARTCAP grants, administered by NSBRI’s Industry Forum, are used to partner with the private sector to accelerate the development of commercially promising products meeting a medical need in space, as well as on Earth.


Sabrina Lewis, Director of Quality and Regulatory, meets with NSBRI council and presents SAM


Back pain is experienced by astronauts as their spine elongates up to 2 inches while in the microgravity environment of space. sam® was developed for daily use and is prescribed by licensed healthcare practitioners such as orthopedists and physiotherapists for tendonitis and muscle injury recovery. The wearable sam® system enables delivery of one to four hours of therapeutic ultrasound treatment and could be used by astronauts in space.

“Ultrasound is a great platform for spaceflight, delivering both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities” said Dr. Dorit Donoviel, NSBRI’s Deputy Chief Scientist and Industry Forum Lead. She added “ultrasound is portable, wearable and does not deliver harmful radiation. NSBRI has supported the development of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches involving ultrasound for kidney stones, bone, and brain health. Sustained acoustic medicine holds great promise to accelerate the healing of muscles and tendons as well as possibly bone and cartilage. ZetrOZ has developed a disruptive technology and we are excited to fund this important clinical study.”

ZetrOZ team presents to NASA and NSBRI, From Left: Dr. Matt Langer, Dr. George Lewis and Mrs. Sabrina Lewis

“Chronic and recurring pain affects over 150 million US citizens, and costs the healthcare system over $650 billion dollars for pain management and lost work productivity”, said Dr. George Lewis, ZetrOZ Chief Scientific and Technology Officer and Co-Founder. He added, “We are excited to partner with NSBRI to rigorously study effective treatment protocols of sustained acoustic medicine on the lower back. Our 30-patient pilot study on upper back pain demonstrated significant clinical improvement, and also suggested that increasing the length of treatment would provide additional pain relief that we will clinically confirm thanks to NSBRI’s support.”

SMARTCAP now accepts applications year-round, with applications reviewed quarterly. To be considered for review during the next cycle, applications must be received no later than 5 p.m. Central Time, December 3, 2014. Submission guidelines and additional information regarding SMARTCAP are located at  Grant recipients must secure a 100-percent match in funding. This leveraging of federal funding actively fosters public-private collaborations and partnerships.

Established in 1997 through a NASA competition, NSBRI is headquartered in the Texas Medical Center and is a consortium of leading biomedical institutions including Baylor College of Medicine, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, The Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Morehouse School of Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Rice University, Texas A&M University, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, University of Pennsylvania Health System and University of Washington. NSBRI, a 501(c)(3) organization partnered with NASA, is studying the health risks related to long-duration spaceflight and developing the technologies and countermeasures needed for human space exploration missions. The Institute’s science, technology and career development projects take place at approximately 60 institutions across the United States. For more information, please visit

About ZetrOZ, Inc.
ZetrOZ, founded in March 2009, is a biomedical ultrasound technology designer and manufacturer that has developed Oz Inside®, a powerful, proprietary miniaturization technology that delivers the spectrum of ultrasound more efficiently, more economically, and more effectively than ever before. The company combines unparalleled ultrasound expertise with rich biomedical capabilities as the basis of its primary focus:  a pipeline of applications in health and wellness to improve life quality through targeted pain management, accelerated healing and enhanced tissue recovery. sam®, the company’s newest product in its portfolio, is the world’s smallest, wearable, sustained ultrasound pain therapy device. sam® addresses the $650 billion dollar U.S. market for pain and lost work productivity, and the global demand for safer, non-pharmaceutical and non-addictive alternatives for sustained pain management.

ZetrOZ also has also been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant from National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities of the U.S. National Institutes of Health – Award Number R43MD008597 – to evaluate the effectiveness of its long-duration wearable ultrasound therapy technology for osteoarthritis disease management.  This study is currently in progress.